Vittorazi Moster EFI






Innovation is part of Vittorazi’s DNA and the EFI development further testifies that. Vittorazi Motors is the first company to patent an Electronic Fuel Injection Technology designed for the Paramotor Industry. A breakthrough aimed at achieving unprecedented safety, superior performances, and utmost reliability while also being intuitive and incredibly fuel efficient.


Ever dreamed of having real time engine data at hand’s reach to help your decisions while up in the air? Wouldn’t be nice to have an engine so smart that self adjusts according to the actual flight conditions? Isn’t it better when a new technology is released after it helped winning a world championship? This is the kind of innovation that our patented Electronic Fuel Injection technology brings to the world of paramotor flight: SMARTER, SAFER, EASIER.


The EFI ECU allows for real-time engine power adjustment, resulting in improved throttle response and smoother power variations. This is particularly beneficial for pilots as they can easily tailor the engine power to specific flight requirements, enhancing maneuverability and safety. The Moster 185 EFI represents a leap forward in the evolution of ultralight flight engines, combining the appreciated characteristics of its predecessor with the efficiency and versatility added by EFI technology. This engine offers enhanced performance, increased reliability, and an improved flight experience for pilots.


The expertise of the Vittorazi Racing Team pilots played an important part in the development of the Moster185 EFI. The many competitions represented the ideal stress test to push this new technology to its limits. The result? A World Championship victory. Thanks to the skills of our pilot, Pasquale Biondo, the Moster185 EFI has indeed been awarded the top spot on the podium at last year's World Paramotor Championship in Brazil. 3 Italian Paramotor Championship victories in the last 3 editions and a 2nd place at the French Paramotor Championship in 2023 further add up to its.