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Vittorazi Engines

Ready for hours in the air? All Vittorazi engines are covered under an industry leading factory one year warranty!  All in stock engines ship the same day and qualify for our free shipping over $250!

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Vittorazi is the industry leading engine manufacturer in the paramotor and light aircraft category.  Vittorazi Motors offer high performance with great power to weight ratios.  


The Vittorazi Atom 80 is a light weight, 16hp, forced air cooled engine.  It is known for its low weight, minimal fuel consumption, and quietness!  The Atom 80 is available with a pull start and a 1:3.8 geared reduction.  This engine is a great choice for beginners and lighter weight pilots up to about 180lbs.  It is also a great choice for travel due to the compact layout of the engine as well as the weight.


The Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus is a high performance free air cooled engine.  This is the most popular engine option in the foot launch paramotor market and is also used on smaller fixed wing ultralight airplanes.  At 25hp, it has more than enough thrust and can easily be used in foot launch tandems!  Available in both pull start and dual start as well as 2.69 or 2.87 reductions, the Moster 185 is highly configurable.  The dual start has both a puller starter as well as an electric start option.  I am often asked if the pull start can later be upgraded by adding the electric start.  While this is possible, it’s not entirely practical due to the associated costs.   As for the choices in reduction drive, this will affect the tip speed of the prop as well as the available Vittorazi approved propeller options.  For more detail on why you might prefer one reduction over another, check out my detailed discussion about the difference reduction ratios. 


Stepping up from the Moster 185 Plus, the Moster 185 Factory R offers the ultimate performance!  Much like the Moster 185, it is a single cylinder free air cooled two stroke engine, but built with the spirit of racing in mind!  It is available with the 2.87 reduction in the pull start configuration.  Producing two additional horsepower while shedding nearly a pound and a half, this is the engine you need if performance is your driving factor.  The Factory R features a fully CNC machined engine case, carbon fiber supports, and a chrome exhaust!  Available in several colors, this is the best looking engine Vittorazi offers!


The new Moster 185 EFI is the pinnacle of technology!  Built on the success of the Moster 185 Plus, the EFI version removes the carburetor and adds electronic fuel injection!  One of the neatest features is the real time telemetry showing real time RPM, Fuel Burn, temperatures, and remaining time aloft!  This integration of smarter technology incorporates a “safe start” feature capable of an emergency shutdown incase of runaway throttle application.   Burning measurably less fuel than the carburated version, the EFI version is the ultimate cross country machine!


If power is what you need, the Cosmos 300 is here to fill that void!  This liquid cooled, single cylinder engine produces an incredible 36hp!  This engine is great for larger paramotor trikes, tandem trikes, and fixed wing ultralight airplanes!  The Cosmos 300 is available in three different configurations.  The single spark, pull start version is the most affordable.  The single spark, dual start version is the most popular and is my personal recommendation for paramotor applications.  The dual spark, dual start version adds a secondary independent spark plug and is a great choice for fixed wing ultralight aircraft! 

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